Giacomo Vico

Giacomo Vico

Built in the mid-19th century, the cellars at Giacomo Vico breath the history of winemaking in Roero. A history that the Vico family and founder, Giovanni Battista, are an integral part of. Four generations, since 1850, have never stopped creating value for native wines from the left bank of the Tanaro river.

The historic farmhouse has been transformed into a tasting room and ageing cellar: the basement is home to large barrels, barriques and a collection of the best vintages. A new wing of the winery, built in 2010 under the hill, is a space for a more modern approach to refining wine where steel and wood meet.

Old winemaking tools are dotted around the courtyard, alongside a collection of vintage cars, showcasing the family’s long-standing love of motor vehicles.


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